Saturday, 22 October 2016

A final update from Jim!

Just a few brief words of thanks and reflection. 

Thanks to all the association events I attended. There are so many great memories but a few things in particular stand out!

- the hospitality and customer care shown to me by the staff of the Talardy Hotel in St Asaph, when I attended the North and Mid Wales Association
- the two young guys who were Ushers at their pals wedding and reception, this was taking place at the same hotel at Haydock Park as the Lancashire & Cheshire Association dinner/dance. They appeared at breakfast some 21 hours after their Reception started still wearing their formal suits. A well deserved standing ovation took place.
- Vic Dockree's band's superb performance at the Yorkshire and District Dinner and also the time I spent the next day at real " Woolpack" at Esholt (see right).
- sitting on Dom and Steff's "goggle box sofa"
- Best Lancashire Hot Pot ever at Lancashire & Cheshire AGM
- visiting a whisky distillery in Norfolk- what is the world coming to? Nonetheless at the risk of never being allowed to return home I bought a very nice "St George" single malt.  Cheers!
-a wonderful meal with the Northern Ireland Association (see photo - right - of Chief Executive David Magor and me enjoying the Belfast hospitality)

In addition I attended Conferences in Crieff, Llandrindod Wells, Tampa, Brussels, Amsterdam and Telford. Thanks to our Institute, IAAO and TEGOVA. I cannot also let this pass given that I went on a tour of an English distillery I had a wonderful night at the Glen Turret Distillery in Crieff, also fantastic.

I experienced what it was like to be near to a hurricane, and fly just ahead of one. It's been great, met some fantastic people and had some interesting debates. Not just on professional matters but other diverse matters such as the works of Miles Davis, the Boss, the lasting impact of Punk and who was is the greatest live act ever - I will just leave that on there though ...

To close things off I had a wonderful night at Telford and seeing the innovation and high quality work being undertaken by many in our professions is very inspiring indeed.

It's been a year in which many of my entertainment heroes have died. But also a good year for Hearts a great one for Leicester and a truly memorable one for me. Thank you for all your support and I look forward to our paths crossing.

That's it from me. I wish Ian Ferguson all the joy that I have experience in my year.
Jim with his son Alexander at the 2016 IRRV Annual Conference

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